DNS proxy behaving unexpectedly

When a pre-existing domain NS is pointed to CF and DNS is set up on CF, all seems to work well. Then we set up the space for the domain site to be moved into Kinsta hosting, after domain validation has occurred via text record on CF DNS panel, if the domain A and CNAME records remain in proxy mode, the site redirects to Kinsta - before any finalisation instruction is made to do so. This means site traffic is being misdirected to Kinsta before it is intended to. If we unproxy the DNS A/CNAME records then they are correctly observed and point to where they are supposed to. This is highly frustrating since we prefer to proxy these records and is one of the main reasons we are attempting to move DNS to CF.

At no time does Kinsta report the domain is pointing to it’s services as yet. Why does proxying (orange clouding) the A and CNAME records fail to point to where they are correctly set and just assume pointing to Kinsta prior to being told to?

The intention is to migrate the site to Kinsta but the records should not point there until it is set in the CF DNS panel.

We have noticed this behaviour on two domains now. We have almost 30 sites running on Kinsta and previously this issue has not occurred.

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