DNS Proxied status 301


I have added a DNS type A with example.com → IPAddress1 and another A with xyz.example.com → IPAddress2

In the case of xyz.example.com, if the Proxy status is “DNS only”, it works fine, but when it is “Proxied” it happens that when I try to access it redirects me (status 301) to example.com, which I don’t want to happen

I have not declared any rule that does the redirection

A 301 isn’t an error. As you pointed out, it’s just a code for a redirect.

So you have no rules at all? Can you provide the actual domain name so we can test this?

Sorry, I did not mean that the 301 status was an error, but that the behavior that the dns is having is an error.

The domain name is landing.foresttravel.com

It looks like you’re using Hubspot. Maybe there’s some setting over there for the canonical URL for that site.

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