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I just moved one of my sites to CF, and left on proxied for all the records. I have a site that points to my NetScaler lets say go.abc.com ip of course works, but when proxied is on site is unreachable. Any insight to why, note this is true for a few records.

Hi Ken,

Just to confirm your NetScaler is serving an HTTP/S website and is listening on one of these ports ?

When you say it comes unreachable, are you able to provide more detail on what exactly you are seeing, is there a specific error etc?


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Literally port 80/443 any A record that I had proxied on did not resolve to the host. But if I turned it off set TTL to 1 minute it would resolve fine.

Proxied records won’t resolve to the origin host. They resolve to a Cloudflare proxy IP. The Cloudflare proxy will then request the resource from your origin.

The following question will be useful in helping you find resolution.

Understood, it resolves to page not found. Note These are NAT’d IPv4 addresses behind our firewall, is there a document for allowed ip’s etc… Maybe its being caused by the proxied addresses being blocked.


We have a list of our IPs documented here - IP Ranges

You would be seeing a 521/522 Cloudflare error if this was the cause.

hope this helps!


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