DNS Propogation time whilst already using Cloudflare?

I’m already using Cloudflare - DNS records already set, website is accessable.

I have an application that’s IP can changes as frequently as every 20-30 minutes. I was going to use Cloudflare to update a DNS record with its new IP using the Cloudflare API. However, I am concerned the propagation time will mean clients wont be able to catch up.

If I am already using CloudFlares DNS and I update a DNS record, how long will it take? I’ve ready only 5 minutes, but fear DNS caching elsewhere will mean clients won’t have access to the application.


Hi @ben50,

Are you using Cloudflare’s proxy (:orange:) on that?

If so, then the public IPs won’t change when you update the IP in the DNS record. This means that IP changes take seconds to propagate.

I’m using Cloudflare’s proxy indeed. I thought that might be the case, as my domain’s DNS see’s CloudFlare’s “IP” which is then routed to mine (privately). I just wasn’t sure if CloudFlare cached my IP for a certain length of time.

If it takes seconds to update globally, then thats fantastic and suites my use-case perfectly.

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