DNS Propogation Slow

After adding a new TXT DNS record to one of my zones the propagation is slow.
Even when querying the authoritative CF nameserver the result doesn’t show up for at least another 5 minutes.

This is causing my LetsEncrypt renewals to fail and various other problems.
Does this happen to anyone else too? I remember the propagation used to be almost instant a few months ago.

That’s Cloudflare’s TTL. Always has been for anything set to :orange:. I have a handful of Let’s Encrypt certs behind Cloudflare. They use DNS-01.

From their documentation:

If your DNS provider doesn’t have this, you just have to configure your client to wait long enough (often as much as an hour) to ensure the update is propagated before triggering validation.

But surely that TTL only affects old values which have been cached? New values should have no affect, or values that have been updated long after 5 minutes have passed?

What do you set your --dns-cloudflare-propagation-seconds to?

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