DNS Proper set up

I’ve had different results based on the web hosting company I was using. I don’t know what is the correct configuration which will avoid redirects, and cause an endless loop.

Using FastComent, when managing DNS with Cloudflare, I disabled my SSL with FastComet. In Cloudflare I set SSL to Full, and always use HTTPS. I left proxied enabled by default.

However, this led to redirects, so I disabled the Cloudflare’s proxied option and enabled FastComet’s SSL again. True, my site is no longer caught in a redirect loop. However, it’s not longer using Cloudflare’s SSL. (In dev tools, I see server: Apache instead of server: Cloudflare)

If I enable Cloudflare’s proxy option, my site is caught in the redirect loop once again.

How can I fix this so I can use Cloudflare’s SSL?

Currently, I have the www CNAME set to DNS only too.

Don’t do this:

Or this:

Make sure that you always use a valid public certificate or a Cloudflare Origin CA certificate on your server and only Full (strict).

I tried setting all records back to proxied instead of DNS only, and it seems to have applied Cloudflare’s SSL to the site as indicated by the page headers server: Cloudflare.

It seems weird why the redirects happened originally. Is due to some sort of propagation?
BTW, I had cleared any cookies from my browser pertaining to the site.

Much appreciated for your help. I set SSL to Full Strict.


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