DNS propagation, what to do after DNS has changed

DNS propegation, what to do next after DNS has been changed, Site is still down. How to have it back up. fast as possible

What is the domain?


I have changed the DNS records on the domain registrar, DNSSEC is still OFF.

Propegation is not fully completed according the the checker.

But should the site has full error and wont load.

Is there anything I need to update within cloudflare to have the site working again after propegation.
Or will it automatically be working

You have “too many redirects”…

Set your SSL/TLS to “Full (strict)” here…

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This worked. But my subdomains inj.stax.live is still down… how can I get that up

You need to add a DNS record for it, one doesn’t exist at the moment…

So i need to add the cloudflare DNS recs same as I did for the stax.live?

I was told it would cover all subdomains. Let me know how I can rectify this

The Universal SSL certificate covers all first-level subdomains. The DNS only will cover subdomains if you add them, here…

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