DNS propagation time

I configured Cloudfare nameservers on my registrar 3 days ago but it still doesn’t appear on Cloudfare. Moreover, I’ve been unable to resolve my domain name for 2 days.

Is it normal for DNS propagation to take so long or is it a mistake on my part?

What’s your domain?

I prefer not to publish the domain here. Can I send you a PM?

The server names are up to date at the registrar level, but they cannot be reached. I have an error: Name Server Unreachable - One or more name servers for this domain can not be reached. Please contact the admin for the name server.

Cloudflares nameservers are in the form ninja.ns.cloudflare.com, and not ninja.ns.cloudfare.com. Always best to copy/paste the value, and double/triple check that the value is correct.


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