Hi everyone,

I have moved my nameservers to Cloudflare.
My domain is ergo-education.com and the provider is GoDaddy.
Now, hours later, the website is still not accessible as I get a “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN”.

Could someone provide help if I have an error in the DNS configuration or if the propagation just takes longer?

Many thanks in advance!

Everything looks good from my end.

The following is what I see on the mentioned domain:

It could be your ISP’s DNS resolver that still has the older information cached, from before you added the record(s).

They will expire at some point, however each DNS resolver operator can have different policies, where they may eventually ignore and either raise (longer wait times) or reduce (shorter wait times) for DNS propagation.

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Many thanks for your quick answer!
Great, yes I now see as well that if I load the site over mobile data on my phone it works fine.

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