DNS Propagation? Subdomain issues



It currently resolves to your server’s IP address, which then sends a redirect to www.wholesale.zeusjuiceuk.com and that latter host does not exist. You either need to remove the redirect or define that hostname too.

It still redirects. You need to fix that on your server.

There’s no redirect present… and nothing changed on the server configuration apart from the DNS (on Cloudflare)

Check out the status code at http://sitemeer.com/#wholesale.zeusjuiceuk.com

That is a clear 302 from your server.

Our main website has the same code according to your tool however that loads perfectly?

Well, your main site redirects to its www host, which you presumably configured. You did not configure a www host for this case however and subsequently you get an error message. I can only refer to what I wrote half an hour ago

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