DNS propagation proggress unkown

Hi, I am having issues propagating my DNS. I have now tried twice, the first time after 72 hours nothing had happened, this time I’m going on around 54 hours, and still nothing. What can I do to make sure it’s acually going to propagate? I am a noob to all of this so I don’t even really know how to ask this question. All I know is that it seems like some setting somewhere must be wrong or something, because it seems my DNS is not propagating.

What domain?

Can you show how exactly you are testing it, and determining that it doesn’t propagate?

smartagentalliance dot com

Thats the thing, I’m not sure if it is or not, but it seems like its not. I have been checking using DNS checker and my 2 IP addresses from Wordpress.

Oh, and my IP’s are and

Your site is active on Cloudflare, you just need to set your SSL/TLS settings to Full (strict) here…



Thank you!

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