DNS Propagation not working - HELP!

I’m trying to use my own domain in Click Funnels (purchased through a local IP) via Cloudflare as per CF instructions here (https://help.clickfunnels.com/hc/en-us/articles/360005906094-How-to-Add-Your-CNAME-Record-to-Cloudflare).

I’ve followed all the steps correctly I believe, but after 72 hours, the DNS has not propagated and I’m still seeing a sea of red crosses when I check via DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool

HELP! I have no idea what I have done wrong. I’ve updated the nameservers with my local IP as per Cloudflare’s instructions. My Cloudflare account is working ok. Then I’ve followed the step by step instructions provided by Click Funnels in the above link. Is there something I’ve missed?


Due to the way Cloudflare works, when you add Clickfunnels to your DNS (since Clickfunnels is a Cloudflare customer) it will actually show up as A records on the real internet. You can try testing for “A” records to see it’s propagated. https://babysleeprevolution.co/

Currently, there’s a Heroku failure page (this is because Clickfunnels uses Heroku). To fix this, make sure ClickFunnels is set up with your main domain WITHOUT the www.

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Ah thank you Judge. I haven’t yet set it up in Click Funnels as I was waiting for the DNS records to propagate. I will try this.

I’m getting all green ticks for the A records. So hopefully it works once I’ve set up CF

I’ve just gone into Click Funnels who have listed my domain but are listing an error saying they can’t verify until I’ve set up my CNAME records (which I have) in Cloudflare. It’s a vicious circle! I’ve no idea where the error is…hmmmm

Solved! Thank you Judge. I just added it again in Click Funnels as a new domain without the www and it’s perfect! Brilliant and a massive thank you for your help (I’m not very techy and these things can get quite frustrating!!).

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