DNS propagation not done

I have changed my DNS records, making some modifications on CNAME records and when i checked them in DNS Checker they don´t appear.

When i check the A records, they do appear:

I am having an issue with zoho desk, where they tell me that CNAME record has not been added.

There is a problem? or this is just the way it works?

:wave: @federicorprats95,

If you :orange: a CNAME record, Cloudflare is supposed to protect/obfuscate/hide the origin and instead returns an IP address (of Cloudflare’s edge) and proxys to the target of the CNAME. Zoho is looking to verify A = B, so obfuscation breaks the check and you need to :grey: the record so their check passes.

– OG

Great. I have changed that and now everything works fine and i understand better de DNS only and proxied records. Thanks!!

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