DNS propagation not completed


my domain is hosted in Hostinger,
I have changed NS from Hostinger NS to Cloudfalre NS,
we are 8 days after change and DNS progation is not completed.

I’m using whatsmydns to check propagation, 80% of NS are Cloudflare NS, 20% of NS are still Hostinger NS… So in Cloudflare I can’t manage DNS entries or change NS to go back on Hostinger and try again.

Hostinger has flush their DNS twice without success.

How can we do ?

Thanks for help.
Best regards.

Why you cannot manage DNS records at Cloudflare dashboard?
Most of the DNS servers already propagated new nameservers for your domain name from the screenshot.

Do not go back to Hostinger from now, or you could end up in the nonsense loop and stuck for your domain name propagation for even longer if so.

Nevertheless, DNS propagation time could take up to 72 hours to fully propagate.

Despite the fact it’s been a quite days already, I am not sure.

Wait, but if you post your domain name we can also check and give feedback if it’s working fine from our end (and most of the World).

I could suggest you to try to flush the nameservers for your domain name using below tools (just in case):

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Hi Fritex,

thanks for your answer.

To be more specific :

  • all services related to my domain works
  • when I say, I can’t manage DNS entries, I should say I don’t want to not create perturbation on services due to lack of NS propagation, (but sure I could change entries both in Hostinger and cloudflare)
  • in Cloudflare, I can’t change NS because DNS propagation is not completed
  • domaine name : lessensuels.fr ( DNS Checker - DNS Propagation Check & DNS Lookup )

Thanks for the links you’ve provided, I flushed NS cache.

I’ll update this thread in few days.

Thanks again.
Best regards.

Ye, I understand now.

You can change the nameservers at your domain registrar to Cloudflare.

Next, make sure the DNS records at the DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard for your domain name are set to :grey: (DNS-only) until the nameservers completly propagate all around.

Therefore, all the requests will pass normally to the hosting (server) as nothing changed (except the nameservers will hopefully propagate). When we use proxied :orange: cloud, the IP (A www, A domainname etc.) also changes and features from Cloudflare apply to all of :orange: record.

Some countries could be slower on this, so, if in most of the World the domain name nameservers are propagated, I believe you are good to go.

Ok I’ll do that :wink:

Thanks Fritex.

Update 4 days after

4 days ago : I have flushed DNS from tools suggested by Fritex and Hostinger has restarted DNS propagation

Today : NS propagation not completed ! Still servers in Pakistan and Malaysia not updated…
It seems like Hostinger server can’t propagate correctly all around the globe.

Does a way exists to force DNS propagation from another server ?

You used NS records to set your name servers instead of WHOIS. That’s not reliable, or proper.

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