DNS Propagation, new IP


Hi there, I have a new IP for my site. I changed it hours ago, but it’s still not seeing as changed.

I used whatsmydns.net to see if the IP has been showing up as changed, but it once switched to the new IP for a few seconds before switching back to the old IP.

I thought Cloudflare automatically handled that.

Are the new errors preventing propagation?

Edit: Called hosting company, and they said something about Cloudflare dropping the traffic before reaching their server


Assuming you updated it in Cloudflare’s DNS tab, it should near instantaneous if your DNS entry is set to :orange:. If it’s :grey:, then it’s however long the TTL is set for. Typically, it’s about 5 minutes.

What’s the domain?

EDIT: From your description, it sounds like you’re expecting your Cloudflare IP address to change. It won’t. Your visitors will still hit the same IP address to access the Cloudflare Edge Server. Internally, Cloudflare will then route that connection to your origin’s new IP address if you updated it within Cloudflare DNS.