DNS Propagation Issues?

We recently transferred a domain from Google Domains to Cloudflare late last week. Ever since, we’ve had issues with users of this domain not being able to receive email.

MX records are correct, DNS records are correct, domain is validated inside of O365, etc. Everything looks good from that perspective.

The issue looks to be stemming from the fact that DNS hasn’t fully propagated the internet for this domain that was moved to Cloudflare days ago.

See: Pasteboard - Uploaded Image

We’ve opened a support ticket with Cloudflare and have received no valuable assistance at all here.

Any ideas on what we can do at this point? This is pretty infuriating at this point, and we aren’t getting any help from Cloudflare under our current ticket open with them.

What’s the domain?


It looks like DNSSEC is probably causing the issue:


Are you able to disable it for now and re-enable it if it starts working afterwards?


Thanks for the reply! This domain currently doesn’t have DNSSEC enabled in the Cloudflare portal.

I can toggle it on and back off again if you think that will help?

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Yes, try that for now. If it doesn’t work, it might require manual intervention from support given the domain is registered with Cloudflare.

Looks like theres a turnaround time for DNSSEC to be set up and enabled. Should I wait for the setup to fully complete or can I just go ahead and cancel it while it’s in progress? Thanks for your help, hopefully Cloudflare support can be of use here if this doesn’t work…

Go ahead and disable it, I believe that should clear all the DS records and resolve this but we’ll see.

Done… time will tell, thank you for your help! If this doesn’t work, hopefully Cloudflare support came come through with the ticket we have open with them.

No problem, hopefully it does!

Did your ticket get replies and they just didn’t help or did you just get an autoresponse?

Can you post the ticket number here?

I did get a reply… and it was copy/paste reply about how to implement MX records within Cloudflare. I have no idea why we received that reply when the issue has nothing to do with MX records. Shrug

Our ticket number is 2387277


That’s, interesting… I’ll escalate that ticket, hopefully to someone in Registrar Support who might understand the issue.


Thanks again for all of your help here, I really appreciate it!

No problem!

Sorry for the trouble. Domain registration transfers sometimes bring along unintended DNSSEC baggage that requires manual intervention.

Please reach out to us if you run across this again.


Thanks for your help, Scott. This looks to be resolved now.

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