DNS propagation issues

I have included in a free account a domain for testing. The security and monitoring information was working with no issues at all, but I had to remove the domain, since I require access to port 3333, as a requirement for the devolopers.

I proceed to delete the domain from the account and to recreate the DNS info in the domain registrar (godaddy.com). I have checking through whatsmydns.com in order to check the DNS propagation through different DNS servers around the world.

I have noted that the DNS information has been replicated successfully and now the domain DNS information is pointing to the godaddy DNS servers.

I tested the access to the domain using the port 3333 (https://mydomain.com:3333), but I’m still recieving the message “Not allowed” in the browser screen. The DNS propagation is supposed to be finished, but it has only been 4 hours since the change… do I have to wait more time and test again? How can I fix this, since cloudflare is not supposed to be configured with my domain, but I’m still recieving this mesaage as it is still configured??

I ran a netstat command and the port 3333 is opened and listening, so it’s not being bloqued on the server.

Any help??


You likely still have the DNS cached to CF. CF will continue to resolve the old website for a while to avoid any downtime when switching away from CF.

Try from another browser, using incognito mode, or from another network.

Is there anyway to check if cloudflare is still resolving my site? the site name is digitaljp.com and I’m still getting the same error… just wanna make sure that the DNS propagation has some kind of error with my DNS provider, which by the way, it’s google (



All resolve to a 209. IP (not owned by Cloudflare).

OK… I got the same response, so I just wanna make sure.

Thanks for your assitance.

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