DNS Propagation Issues probably linked to DNSSEC

We have a .ORG domain that we use to host Email for a small group of recently retired trainers and teachers supporting colleagues in the developing world. We’ve been using the free Google Workspace Email.

Now the Google is going to charge we started the process of moving to a new Email provider by initially moving the domain to a new registrar. The DNS records were correctly transferred to the new DNS.

Almost immediately Email started to fail and some but not all messages sent to our addresses are returned with a note that the domain is unreachable.

The new registrar says that the issue is becuase have DNSSEC enabled although we never did that. I think it is inherent in .ORG tld.

The new registrar appears unable to resolve the issue for us so we are considering our options.

We moved the DNS to Cloudflare patiently waited almost 72 hours and still the DNS appears not to be propagating reliably - or at least Email is being passed reliably.


Our next option is to move the DNS to a new Registrar such as Cloudflare but we are anxious to not be in a position where things are more broken than ever. Because the current registrar appears unable to remove the DNSSEC records I am concerned that we will not be able to resolve things by moving.

Domain in question is CNET.ORG

WE’d be really grateful for any wisdom before making things worse.

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