DNS Propagation Help

Hi All,

would someone please be able to help me as i am really struggling with the DNS Propagation of my new domain name.

I am so new to this and to be honest do not really know what i am doing. Everytime i go onto wordpress to start building my site it just wont let me because of the DNS Propagation not regiestering.

I have been waiting for 8 days now and nothing happening. I have registered my domain with Cloudflare but the hosting is with Bluehost. They have give me the details to enter in but just does not seem to work?

Would someone be able to look at the picture and maybe help show what i am doing wrong please.

Thank you in advance


Can you explain what you think is not working? From what I can see everything is as expected.

$ dig yourbathroomjourney.com
yourbathroomjourney.com. 191	IN	A

Best regards,


Hi Wouter,

Thank you for taking the time to reply and help.

For 8 days i have been checking the DNS Propagation and it is not registering?

Because of this i cannot create my website on wordpress. Maybe i just have to be more patient and wait for this to happen. If you say i have done everything right, ill wait longer and hope it finally connects.


As I explained over in the thread No MX records are propagated in China, a chain is literally no stronger than it’s weakest link.

There are many “DNS checkers” out there, and the websites they run connect to the different locations they use to test from, to further test the things at individual locations across the world. From time to time, it isn’t unlikely that there can be hiccups between their website, and one or more of those specific location perform the DNS checks from.

It also isn’t impossible that their website’s hosting could have some (hopefully) temporary issues, making it impossible for the test tool to connect to any of the locations they have.

TL;DR: Relying solely on one single tool for your testing often means that you should take the results (e.g. failures) with a grain of salt.

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