DNS propagation for .rs domain

Recently moved two domains that I own to cloudfare For DNS - the .com DNS changes propagated instantly and I was able to ping the new IP address within 30 minutes. I made changes to my other domain (.rs and registered elsewhere) and updated the IP address last night for the A record and turned off proxying for now (DNS only) - the change has still not propagated. Everything appears to be in order on my end. The domain in question is fuco.rs

I believe that would depend on the TTL value for the .rs ccTLD registry.

As an example, Croatia .hr ccTLD registry has 1 hour TTL set when changing nameservers.

As far as I have checked, it loads up from my end and is being served as DNS only - directly from the origin host/server, over HTTP (80) without an SSL, both for www/non-www.

You rock, thank you for checking and letting me know :+1:

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In addition to what @fritexvz said, keep in mind that name server changes can take up to 48 hours to propagate. Sometimes you hit it at the right point in the cycle and it’s quick, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for your .rs domain.

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