DNS propagation error?


like a week ago I added my domain to cloudflare and changed its namservers to cloudflare’s. I now have some problems that my domain friebe.it does not seem to be resolvable from all dns servers? For example, I get error messages from some Mailservers that they couldn’t resolve my domain and also digwebinterface won’t get any records from some resolvers:

I have another .de domain, added to cloudflare the same day which is working completely fine: anettes-patcheria.de

What could be the problem here? Thanks!

The domain is properly configured and loads fine as well.


The record is not proxied, so you are only using Cloudflare’s DNS service but that’s not an issue per se.

Maybe you still have some propagation issues, in which case you simply need to wait.

Hang on, there does seem to be a slight DNSSEC issue


You should check that out too.

You seem to have a partial DNSSEC setup with a missing DS record.

You probably best disable it altogether and only then set it up from scratch if desired.

Hi, thanks for the DNSSEC hint. I indeed “tried” around with it (since its just a private domain). I disabled DNSSEC where I registered my domain and aborted the DNSSEC Setup within Cloudflare. Are there any other steps to take or do I just need to wait? How can I best verify that the complete removal of DNSSEC worked out?

Once friebe.it | DNSViz doesn’t throw warnings any more you should be good.

Interestingly enough, .it itself seems to have issues, so just pay attention to warnings about your domain.

The problem at the moment seems to be, that the DNSKEY entries are still present? I aborted DNSSEC a while ago and the DNSKEY Records are still there.

It could take some time. Should it still be there in a couple of hours I’d suggest to open a support ticket.

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