DNS Propagation Delay

Hello Community!

It has been over 20 hours since I pointed to Cloudflare servers, and my website has been down. Please, can anyone tell me what’s causing the delay? Or could there be something wrong with my DNS records?

See the screenshot below:

It resolves fine, but you have an insecure legacy encryption mode on Cloudflare.

Make sure that is Full Strict.

Okay, but I use flexible SSL. Is that what is preventing it from propagating on time?

That’s precisely the issue, that is a legacy mode which provides no encryption.

Thanks for your response. If I don’t have paid or Full SSL, in that case, what can I do as I don’t have a paid SSL certificate?

Why do you think you need a paid certificate? You need to set Full Strict.

Okay. In that case, I should set it to:

Full Encrypts end-to-end, using a self-signed certificate on the server

No, that is wrong.

The point here is if that’s what is causing propagation delay, I don’t have money to pay for one at least not now. How can I bypass it or should I wait after 48hrs maybe it will propagate?

Again, there is no DNS issue, you simply have picked an insecure legacy mode

Okay, I will enable it full strict. But since I don’t have a trusted CA or Cloudflare Origin CA certificate on the server, I hope it will give any issue.

Why are you saying you do not have a certificate by a trusted CA?

I am still new to the website application and still learning my way around. Sometimes I don’t know which is which.

All right, just make sure you fix your encryption mode and select Full Strict and your site should load fine.

Oh really grateful for that solution, but can you give me a quick breakdown of how to do it. Thanks

To do what?

You may also want to clear your Cloudflare cache as that the redirect also seems to be cached.

To fix encryption mode and select Full Strict

Ehm, you select Full Strict in the UI?

it’s on flexible mode right now

And that is?