DNS propagation before website migration

Hello again,

I’m very new with cloudflare and very unexperienced when it comes to migrating websites. Last night I transferred the DNS from Siteground to CF and today I would like to migrate the website to Cloudways.
Before doing so I checked https://www.whatsmydns.net/#A/romaniaprivatetours.com to make sure the DNS propagation is complete. Unfortunately I can’t make any sense of all the IP addresses there. I don’t even know why I have 3 different ones in some locations. Bottom line, could anybody take a look at the present status and tell me if all looks all right? As well, if it ok to proceed with the migration at this point or shall I wait for another day of two?
Your help is highly appreciated.
Thank you!

If you changed it recently there still might be DNS propagation going on. The three addresses you mentioned are correct and your DNS setup appears to be fine overall.

Thank you, @Sandro! Nice of you to reply so promptly.
Do you think is ok to migrate the website to the new host today or I should wait? Will the website be affected if migrated and DNS not fully propagated?


Depending on how much of an issue it is if there might be temporary connectivity issues, I’d probably still wait a day before making changes to the DNS records on Cloudflare’s side, as otherwise requests from networks, whose DNS resolvers have not updated yet, might still go to the old host.

If that were not too much of an issue, you can probably change the DNS records already now and eventually everyone will catch up anyhow.

Once the initial propagation has completed to change your nameservers to Cloudflare, and the hostnames are proxied by Cloudflare (:orange:), then subsequent changes to the DNS happen essentially instantly, with no propagation delay (except for speed of light issues Cloudflare have not yet resolved!).

The question was about the change from the host to Cloudflare.

@sandro I
changed the DNS from Siteground to Cloudflare yesterday and I want to migrate the website from Siteground to Cloudways today if possible. The question is if it ok la launch the migration now, before the DNS full propagation.

What exactly do you mean by “migration”? As long as you keep the site online for the time being with your previous, there shouldn’t be a problem. Unless you have dynamic content and user logins, which does not seem to be the case.

Would appear as if propagation has completed. Requests should now all go via Cloudflare, so you can simply change the records and route them to your new host.

Thank you, @Sandro! I’ll proceed and hope for the best. :slight_smile:

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