DNS Propagating

After updating with google MX record values, my domain is still pointing to the older MX record. 10:mail.wtncs.org

You have 4 Cloudflare nameservers set at your registrar, there must only be 2, see…

The two pairs both resolve for your domain so it’s likely you are configuring the DNS records in the wrong Cloudflare account for your domain (which will be pending) and is why changes are not appearing.

Check which 2 nameservers are given at the bottom of your DNS page here…
…and, assuming you want that account to control the domain, set only those 2 at your registrar.

(If you want to use the other account to control the domain, then log in to that).

Currently the account where the nameservers for the domain are emerson and paloma is controlling the domain. The other account would use candy and todd.

dig +short wtncs.org mx @emerson.ns.cloudflare.com
10 mail.wtncs.org.

dig +short wtncs.org mx @candy.ns.cloudflare.com
1 smtp.google.com.
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