DNS Product only Pro / Business pricing/support

We are only interested in DNS related functionality (no WAF, DDoS etc) but would like the enhanced support of the Pro and Business pricing options. It seems you cannot pick and choose functionality with the Pro and Business price points…you get all functionality ?



What exactly do you mean? You get exactly what each plan contains.

For example we would like Business level support (Email only support with median response time of 25 minutes) but would prefer not to pay $200 a month per domain when we only utilise DNS functionality…no DDoS, WAF etc so were wondering if it is possible to pick a reduced functionality set for the Business option…sounds like the answer is no

You could contact the sales department. But i don’t think that this is possible.

For “pure” DNS there’s almost notghing to support from their end. …

I am afraid so. You could contact Cloudflare for an Enterprise plan, where they usually draw up custom agreements, but these usually start well above the business plan.

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