DNS problem with TS3 + samp


I’m running a SA-MP and TS3 server on my VPS + my forum.
My DNS on wedos was working on everything, but when i changed DNS to Cloudflare, only forum is working.

I can’t connect to my teamspeak / samp server with plarp.eu like i did before, but only with normal IP adress.

DNS on wedos was looking like this : Screenshot by Lightshot
there were only 2 records, for *.plarp.eu and .plarp.eu and everything was working fine.

Could someone help me how to change it so it works?
I have default DNS settings on Cloudflare, there is like 1k records by default or smthng like that.
Thanks :slight_smile:

TS3 setups need some modifcation of your DNS settings.
I’ve no clue regarding the San Anreas ports, dedicated servers and so on. You need to add a subdomain like gameserver.yourdomain.com and disable the proxy (:grey:) as SRV records like mentioned in the post below most likely will not work

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