DNS Problem with Registration


So i changed my dns name servers to the ones on cloudflare 17 hours ago and my site is been down all the time. Is that normal? Because I read that this wasn’t suppose to be the scenario.



Did you receive any Cloudflare email telling your website is successful added to your Cloudflare account? Remember that you also need to setup your website after adding it to Cloudflare.

Check in this link below for how to add correctly your domain to Cloudflare and setup:


Yes i received the email “Congratulations! You have successfully added the website mmarketingonline.com to Cloudflare”.

And in the overview it says mmarketingonline.com is active.

But it doesn’t seem to work


Your domain is set to use the Cloudflare nameservers so you’re all good there. Have you configured your DNS settings to point to your origin server in the Cloudflare dashboard? It would appear that Cloudflare is unable to talk to your webserver.


I think thats the problem. I don’t have records of anything. Can I create the CNAME and A type for my page? How do I now where to point them?


Yes you need some DNS records! :sunglasses: Here’s a screenshot that shows a very basic working setup. You may ignore the mail stuff if you like. You will need to know the IP address of your web server (it’s not advised to post it publicly)


I knew it was something like that. Thank you so much! I waste so many time with my site down for no reason!



Yep it looks like it’s working on my end now. No problem - happy to assist! :smile:


Hi Andy, I’m having the same problem but I’ve added the A and CNAME, still the site is not loading