Dns problem with my domains

All people want to connect to my cloudflare domains, who changes DNS to is this normal?


I’m not quite sure what you are asking in your question, but your site is giving 521 and 525 errors. Likely your origin server is down or is blocking Cloudflare requests.

How can I fix errors 521 and 525?


Set your DNS record to “DNS only” temporarily or pause Cloudflare to bypass the proxy and see if then loads or gives any errors.

can you test me playnm nomercyrp.com
the space is .

That hostname works…

What do you mean people have to change their DNS to and to be able to access the web?

do you have idea?

I’m still not sure what you mean, use of or is not necessary to visit Cloudflare sites.

I have a fivem server, 3/4 if it doesn’t change their dns to and its not working the connection, could you because the merge is not finished?

It resolves across all the usual public resolvers…
…and here…

Maybe your users’ ISPs are blocking your domain for some reason, but there’s no way know that unless they test it themselves.

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