DNS Problem with CAA Record

Hi all, I added a CAA record last week to Cloudflare and it was easy enough. I only need to add a “iodef” as CF adds the other “issue” and “issuewild” records automatically but since the UI change, it make no sense.

Example: iodef "mailto:[email protected]"

Now when I look at the DNS record in CF, when I click on it to view it, it does not make sense at all. No reference to iodef and neither it the mailto email displayed.

What’s happened?

It does look broken. When I click on it, it behaves like that’s not an option, even though it’s in the dropdown list. Unfortunately, all my domains already have this record, and I don’t want to delete that record to experiment. Can you open a Support Ticket?
Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

OK, support ticket created. They need to test all DNS record types before doing a production release next time.

Did you happen to get a response yet?

I suddenly want to create some CAA records today. :persevere:

Yes, they have acknowledged their new UI has a problem and are working to fix it. I can wait until their fix it but if you cannot, you’ll need to do the below if you can:

Their response:

This looks like a UI bug where a compulsory field “flag” is not sent. We’ve filed an internal ticket escalating the issue to our engineering team. In the meantime, please use the API call to add the CAA record:

Ref: https://api.cloudflare.com/#dns-records-for-a-zone-create-dns-record

Let us know if you have any further questions. We will keep you updated when the bug is fixed.


The cheaky buggers just marked my support ticket as “resolved” even thou their new UI is still broken. I responded telling them to keep it open until the fix it OR role back their UI changes as it’s been broken for days now.

This is getting daft now! Come on CF… FFS!

Mine is looking better. I’ll experiment more when I have a break.

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OK, support just replied and it looks to be fixed now as I can add/edit no problem.



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