DNS problem with Adobe

"I tried to switch my photography site from Elementor to Adobe, but for some reason, I haven’t been able to get my site up and running with the new settings. What did I do wrong? Attached, please find screenshots from Adobe instructions, Cloudflare settings, and DNS status. And yes it’s been more than 72 hours.

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You mentioned a few attachments, but only the DNS app screenshot from Cloudflare is in your post. I was going to ask if you could share the rest, but after trying to load your site, it looks like the Adobe setup hasn’t completed.

This is probably due to you using :orange: proxied hostnames. Instead of seeing the Adobe IPs you entered, the world sees a Cloudflare proxy IP. You will rant to change those particular hostnames to :grey: DNS Only, at least until Adobe activates your custom hostnames. You may be able to set them back to :orange: proxied afterward.

I wasn’t able to sent more than 1 picture. But thanks for your tip. I try to change it

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Would you let us know if that gets it working for you?

I will.

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It worked but it’s only http connection. How can I get https to work as well?

Hopefully nothing more than a little patience will clear that up for you.

Note: Please allow up to 30 minutes for the SSL certificate to load.

It’s working. Thanks.

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