DNS Problem Victor

Hi Again.
I have set up Cloudflare with 2 sites so far with no problems, I set up the third site today which is with a different domain company LCN (Low cost names) and I pointed the domain from ns1.dns-parking.com and ns2.etc
which is Hostinger my hosting company to Cloudflare at kurt.ns.cloudflare.com
nena.etc the same as I did for the others.
Cloudflare says my site is now protected but if I check the DND records it only shows the page in the jpeg attached and at Hostinger I am seeing this message (Status - Not pointing to our name server )when I I check the DNS there.
Does anyone know what I have done wrong?
Thank you Victor
I will attach the second jpeg as a reply to this message as I can only upload 1 image

Jpeg from Hostinger

I’d ignore their message for now and just add those “A” records that your first image suggests.

Hi Sdayman Do you mean add “A” records from the company where the domain is registered if so all I can access is the name servers record as the name servers records do not point to the domain company but to Cloudflre?

Your DNS records here should match the DNS records you have at Hostinger. Those would be the IP addresses of their web server for your site.

This is the info from hostinger as I have no idea about this stuff would you know what info in the first jpeg I would put into cloudflare’s area they sugges

In Cloudflare DNS, add an “A” record for @ with that IP address. And add another “A” record for www with the same IP address.

Hi I have added an “A” record and added @ then as in the jpeg
for the second do i put www instead of @ with the same number?

this is the second one I have added, do you think I have done it correctly?
I have to run off for a while now as I have an appointment but please reply and check and I will get back as soon as I can,
Thanks for all your help so far
Cheers Victor

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