DNS problem on CF, 'overview' panel is blank



I’m trying add my site to Cloudflare. According to the instructions I changed DNS on my domain provider to brad and lorna .ns.cloudflare.com, in dnschecker.org I see my domans have correct DNS. Despite this my site in CF is still “pending”, so I was trying to remove and add again. Now CF instructs me to change DNS form… brad and lorna .ns.cloudflare.com to brad and lorna .ns.cloudflare.com - why? Now ‘overview’ panel in my domain on CF is blank. The domain is ‘randena.pl’ and hosting provider is hostinghouse.pl

Help, pls, thx :slight_smile:


Hi @randena.behold, your overview tab shows still pending from your hostinghouse name servers and is not blank.

This tip may have some suggestions to try as it does seem to be taking a while, Community Tip - Fixing “Pending Nameserver Update”.

It appears you’ve added and removed the site multiple times over the last 24 hours, but you may be encountering issues similar to item 6 in the tip related to eu regulations. The first time you added the domain to cloudflare, do you know if you changed your name servers before or after you added the domain?

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