DNS Problem in Adobe Portfolio Site

I gave the Adobe Portfolio Site DNS correctly, still showing a domain problem. How is it solvable? Did I make a mistake somewhere? Actually, I can’t find fault. Your cooperation is needed. Thanks.

Are these screenshots of what is currently configured?

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No. These screenshots of what is currently configured

That’s not a Cloudflare screenshot. You’ll need to configure this on Cloudflare and most likely make sure the records are not proxied → :grey:.

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You said that’s not currently configured, right?

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These screenshots of what is currently configured on cloudflare. I told These screenshots isn’t currently configured on Adobe Portfolio. I Update all Screenshot. Now all are currently configured. Thanks

It now resolves, but it is proxied and - as I mentioned - you will need to unproxy that as Adobe won’t recognise this otherwise.

How can I do this? Your cooperation is needed

As I said

Plus, changing the proxy status really can be found via the search.

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