DNS Problem i think

My servers don’t answer to Cloudflare as I see in the diagnostic center. I have firewall access but Idk what to add.

Did you mean your server block Cloudflare or vice versa?

Did you mean you want your firewall to whitelist cloudflare ÍP?

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  1. I mean this Diagnostic Center | Check SSL and Test Website Security | Cloudflare there was some errors
  2. I have access to firewall ip tables and i think server is blocking cloudflare requests or something

its vps not web host


Which errors? Could you provide a screenshot of the diagnostic center results (with sensitive information blacked out)

Try seeing if Cloudflare IP’S are blocked or being rate-limited

If Cloudflare IP’S are blocked

Allow Cloudflare IP’S by creating a firewall rule

If Cloudflare IP’S are being rate-limited

Allow Cloudflare IP’S to bypass rate-limiting by creating a firewall rule

Hi, can you provide some main domain?

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