DNS problem / error message when we send an email via Outlook to a recipient whose email ends with "gmail.com"

Apparently, we have Cloudflare configured in such a way that we get an error message every time we send an email via Outlook to a recipient whose email ends with “gmail.com”.
That the configuration error is with Cloudflare can be seen by the fact that we test transferred the DNS settings to the Internet service provider Strato and found that sending emails ending with “gmail.com” worked fine.
Can someone please tell me what we need to set on Cloudflare to solve the problem?
Many thanks!

This is usually due to incorrect/missing email authentication (SPF, DKIM, etc).

If you could share your domain with us, we could check for you.

If you’re unable/unwilling to do so, use a tool like https://mxtoolbox.com/ or https://www.mail-tester.com/ – with the caveat that you’ll need to be able to make sense of whatever problems they may report.


Hi George,

thank you very much for your support.
Our domain is ar-check. com



The dmarcian Domain Checker indicates that you have not set up SPF or DMARC. This makes it likely that you have not configured DKIM either. You may want to start with this Community Tutorial.

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