DNS problem Direction

My domain provider does not work with changing dns addresses on .ru domains. They only offer redirection to the ip address of the server. How, then, can I enter the dns address from the Cloud flare?

Just paste the assingned nameservers here. You will see three IPs for each nameserver.

Hello Dear Mark

I have two DNS from Cloudflare


I insert example1.ns.cloudflare.com to https://dnschecker.org

and And I get 3 adresses

I do the same with the second dns example2.ns.cloudflare.com and get 3 more IP addresses
As a result, I have 6 types of addresses, how can I insert them in the provider?


Help :frowning:

That depends on your provider, though adding IPs for nameservers is completely nonsense. Or i can’t See the reason for it

Add one IP of each nameserver and you should be good to go.