DNS Problem after Transfer

I submitted a ticket over a week ago on this issue and I am not getting a response. I transferred a domain to Cloudflare but the nameservers aren’t matching and I can’t manage the domain to update them to the nameservers set for the website. When I click on manage next to the domain, it just redirects me back to the Manage Domains page. Not sure how to proceed but the website is now down and I don’t have any solution. I also can’t transfer the domain as I can’t get into the domain settings. Any idea how I can escalate a ticket? It was submitted 10 days ago.

If your ticket is already submitted and still open, the only thing to do is wait until it someone is available to work the request.

You can share the ticket number here and we can request the ticket be reviewed, but it will still need to be resolved by a specialist.

Thank you! I appreciate your help. The ticket #3233634 it has been opened for 11 days. Not exactly the type of response time that makes feel very confident. I am not sure what else to do as the site remains down while we have no way of moving or editing the domain settings.

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Hi @jeff73,

We reached out to you today to confirm that your nameservers have been updated. I apologize for the inconvenience caused.

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