Dns problem 002

My site was linked to Cloudflare, and then the site stopped and tells me an error in dns I want an explanation of the steps that I must do. My website: lastatek.com

Your AAAA records in Cloudflare DNS point to IP addresses of Cloudflare’s edge. You should point them to your origin server where the content lives or perhaps point them to your WWW record as a CNAME.

Frankly, I heard that Claude Flair is the best site to direct my site to, but I am a beginner in this field, and I do not know how to do these steps correctly. Can you help me?

It looks like your host is GoDaddy. When you added the site to Cloudflare, you were presented a list of DNS records on Cloudflare that you were supposed to compare to your records at GoDaddy so you could fill in any missing records. Did you do that?

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