I have website which is connected to CloudFlare via Hostinger. When I create a new Subdomain it’s added A Record and my sub domian work but after some time My Subdomain show me this type of error

After addind subdomain record i check in dns checker there is working fine but after few hours i faced same issue…

Is there any solution for this.

Hi @user16562,

That hostname is resolving directly to a Hostinger IP for me. If you say it stops resolving after a few hours, does the DNS record also disappear from your Cloudflare dashboard and you have to re-add it?

I’m sure you’ll find it no surprise that the domain is using Ezoic.

@user16562 Ezoic is notorious for tampering with DNS records. Please ask Ezoic if they deleted that DNS record. They probably have your password or API Key which gives them full access to your Cloudflare account.

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