DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN Ultimatefreehost and Cloudflare

Hello, it’s been a while since I changed the dns, and my site is hosted on ultimatefreehost my site is anda.today But a moment ago it’s not possible to access the page. I wonder how this hosting can connect, if it was through the dns and change them with Cloudflare

Hola ya ha pasado tiempo desde que cambie los dns, y mi sitio lo tengo alojado en ultimatefreehost mi sitio es anda.today Pero hace un momento sale que no se puede acceder a la página. Me pregunto cómo se podrá conectar al hosting, si lo hacía a través de los dns ya que los cambien con los de Cloudflare

Hi @saloorgarcia, sorry for the issue you’re facing.

Here are two tips that may help. This one talks to the error message you received, Community Tip - Fixing the DNS PROBE FINISHED NXDOMAIN error. I believe Quick Fix Idea 4 regarding DNS record will help resolve the issue.

And, this tip explains how to translate any post or reply to your own language using the :globe_with_meridians: translator below the post, Community Tip - ¿Cómo trabajo en mi idioma

Is this what you tell me?
If example.com does not resolve, that may indicate there is no A record for the naked domain. Go to your DNS tab and create an A record with “@” as name and your origin IP address as the value.
How can I know the ip that I have to put?

Yes, if you don’t see an A record on your DNS tab with an IP pointing to your origin server, that is an issue. You should also see a warning message on the DNS tab indicating that error. To find the IP address, contact your hosting provider and ask for the IP of your server, they will know this information.

If ping the nameserver ns1.ultimatefreehost.in ns2.ultimatefreehost.in Can I hey the correct número from ip address? For de Á record

No, that will return the IP of your nameserver, not of your origin server.

that’s what I get

If ultimatefreehost is where you site is hosted, you should be able to log in there and see the DNS records they have for you. You need to copy those to your Cloudflare DNS page.

That .16 address is probably your web server. Add another “A” record for anda.today with that IP address and another “A” record for www with the same IP address.

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If I can start a session but I do not know where I find the DNS records, I do not know what they are, the only thing I have found is the DNS name servers, Name servers for addon and parked domains that are these ns1.ultimatefreehost.in

Do you have a tutorial to do that?

It’s ok like that?

Only ‘www’ in that first box. That looks like the correct IP address.

You also need the same thing for ‘anda.today’

How do I understand you? Can you write it on your screen?

Thanks, I already did it, how long does it take to implement the changes and see my web page without DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN appearing?

It’s working for me. You may have to flush your web browser’s cache, or just wait.

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Is that what you see?

or is it something like this?

Sorry, I only did a DNS lookup and it responded. The site is giving me a 521.

In that case, the IP address from your FTP entry might not be correct…
If you’re hosted at Wildcard, and not GoDaddy, try: