Hey everyone, so I got a strange thing happening here.
I ve been doing tons of things since yesterday, trying to speed up my site and trying everything I can. So the thing is when I try to open my site sometimes I get the “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN” screen but sometimes not. For example my site is running and I can surf in it on my laptop but I can’t access from my mobile phone. I checked nameservers and dns section of cloudflare and everything looks just fine.
It happens from time to time and it is really annoying me, Im a bit obsessive.
Also gtmetrix can’t fetch my site on mobile.
https://birevista.com anyone here could help?

Pls use this quide:

actually guide looks like it solves the problems that could be happening because of my pc, network and browser. My site becomes unavailable for everyone for about 5 mins in every 20 mins. I want to know why and fix it.

Edit: If i wasn’t clear enough, i own this site and i use CDN thru cloudflare API with litespeed cache.

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