"dns probe finished nxdomain" people having problem to access my website

Hey guys, some people trying to access my website are having this error, only trying to access main URL website, they just cant connect, it appears this error. The thing is that this error is only appearing for few people, mos of people that are accessing my website they can do it normally, but there are some of them with this problem, all of them with this DNS problem. I started using CF today, maybe it takes time for DNS to establish?


It can take up to 48 hours for newly added domains. Until then, your site should still work just as it did before you switched to Cloudflare.

This is the DNS propagation test I use:

If you’d like more specific suggestions, post your domain name.

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The problem is that people that are having problems with this, they still can enter the website sometimes, and after a short time it appears this “dns probe finished nxdomain” problem again. Almost everyone can enter the website but for this people with the problem it is like that.

Website is: https://nebbo.es

One of this users is from Colombia (Colombian IP), i tested with him pinging to the IP the domain is pointing with Cloudflare and it pings without problems. So the problem is him with the domain.

Historical data shows you switched away from Cloudflare about a week ago, then switched back to Cloudflare about a day ago. I’m guessing it’s still settling in.

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Yes, i switched to Sucuri but i decided to go back to Cloudflare. Is it normal that people with this problem sometimes they can access to the website but in a short period this problem appears again?

Its also happening that some users with this problem its solved in Firefox but they have this DNS error in Chrome.

Firefox may be using Cloudflare for DNS and getting instant updates. The rest may have to wait another 24 hours or so for their DNS to update.

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