I’m trying to setup an ssl with Cloudflare.
I’ve been searching for the past 30mins but all fixes do not work.

My domain is http://riverside-roleplay.com/ and I am using Hover.

Have you seen Community Tip - Fixing the DNS PROBE FINISHED NXDOMAIN error ?

Yeah. It’s still broken after following the fixes.

DNS resolves but your server is down (or refusing to respond CF requests). I get a 521 error. If you have just enabled CF it takes sometime for DNS records to propagate but when it is done you will get the 521 error as I get.


Okay. How can I fix the 521 error?

  1. Check if website is working when it is not behind CF (rules out server problem)
  2. Allow requests from CF (whitelist CF IPs) or based on your security settings you may need to server over port 443 too.

On the actual web server there is no firewall active. When I enter the ip into the url the website works fine.

Then your server is working but there is a problem when CF connects to your server. Probably a SSL configuration issue. Read here.

Even if I set SSL to off it still does not work.

I can see the insecure (http) version.



On my phone I can see it fine but not on my computer. I’ve tried resetting cache and flushed dns cache.

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