I’ve been having trouble with this one subdomain https://www.invoice.simplyelegantstyling.com.au/.
It returns a DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN, everything has been configured the same as the other subdomains which are working fine.

Any ideas?

  1. There’s just no DNS entry for ‘www.invoice’ Check the DNS settings page in your Cloudflare dashboard
  2. Even if there were, without a dedicated SSL certificate with Custom Hostnames, you’ll get an SSL error.

So I just uploaded the cloudflare SSL to my server, should that work?
I dont get this error on any other *simplyelegant.com.au domain…

That Cloudflare Origin CA certificate is only recognized by Cloudflare. It can only be used on a hostname that is proxied (:orange:) by Cloudflare.

Since invoice and www.invoice are not set to :orange:, that certificate will show as invalid. You can set invoice to :orange: and that will work, but www.invoice will not, as noted in the article I linked to earlier.

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