My site, ultrawashcoinlaundryDOTcom, is experiencing DNS issues. It’s on a shared hosting plan with NameCheap where this site is an add-on domain. I moved to Cloudflare and am having issues on just this site and not the site the hosting plan is through, laurentidewakesurfDOTcom.

I currently have an A record for ultrawashcoinlaundry in Cloudflare within the laurentidewakesurfDOTcom DNS records. It has the same IP as laurentidewakesurf and NameCheap. Since this is an add-on domain, do I need to set up a separate website in Cloudflare, or is adding the A name to the laurentidewakesurfDOTcom domain records the correct way to do it?

I’ve scoured the community docs and tips, but couldn’t find anything that is causing this issue. The DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN community tip did not help my situation.

Any help would be beneficial!

Seems like the domain has some DNSSEC issues. Did you try to enable DNSSEC through the Cloudflare dashboard? What’s the status of it? Can you screenshot it?

Were you using DNSSEC before you switched your DNS service to Cloudflare?

Yeah, I went through that whole process a few days ago and successfully enabled DNSSEC. Here is a screenshot from the Cloudflare console. I was not using DNSSEC before moving to Cloudflare.

Thanks for the reply!

I didn’t see the note about the other domain, sorry

ultrawashcoinlaundry.com is the one with the DNSSEC issue

what does the Cloudflare DNS panel for it look like?

All good! So do I need to set up a second website within my Cloudflare account for ultrawashcoinlaundryDOTcom? I currently just have an A name for ultrawashcoinlaundry within the laurentidewakesurf Cloudflare DNS records.

Here are the DNS records for laurentide:

Okay yeah basically what you did there was create a subdomain named “ultrawashcoinlaundry.com.laurentidewakesurf.com

You need to set up ultrawashcoinlaundry.com as a separate domain in Cloudflare

but since you already switched the nameservers for that domain to Cloudflare nameservers prematurely, you’ll need to change them back to the original nameservers

then you can start the setup process for the domain in Cloudflare, and change the nameservers to the Cloudflare ones when it tells you to


Ok, that makes perfect sense. Thanks for the insight!


I set up a new site in Cloudflare for ultrawashcoinlaundry, but now I am getting the following error on the site. It has been over 24 hours so I’m not totally sure what the issue is.

I added an A record for ultrawash in the laurentide Cloudflare since that is the hosting plan ultrawash is hosted on. Is there anything else I am missing?

The cPanel page is coming from your web host. You will need to ask them for help.