Have gotten this on three of five domains added. I pulled the other two right back off but this one I really need to use Cloudflare.

I checked and have proper A record in Cloudflare DNS pointing to the correct IP.

What’s interesting is that all three times the domain worked just fine for about 90 minutes then started returning this error.

I saw the similar topic but don’t think it applies to me.


The website is my username .com

It’s all looking good to me. And to GTMetrix, and to Pingdom.

DNS takes 24-48 hours to fully settle in.

Yeah, I see it back up. This is what happened on the other domains that I eventually gave up on. They kept coming in and out then finally out for three days and I gave up. Minutes after pointing the nameservers back to my server the site was reachable again. Something isn’t right and I’m thinking it has to be something on my server but I just don’t understand what it is.

It’s usually DNS. Next time you’re having connectivity issues, open up your browser’s Dev Tools (F12 key on some browsers), and use the Network tab. Click on one of the loaded resources and check the headers. They’ll tell you the IP address you’re trying to reach, and what the response was. Chrome work pretty well for this because it also has a pretty straightforward Security tab to analyze the connection.

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