Dns_probe_finished_nxdomain + err_name_not_resolved

I have been having a handful of users experiencing two issues while trying to connect to my site. I have many users who can get on just fine while some are getting one of the following errors DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN or ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED.
Usually I have them change their DNS servers either to or
It has been fixing it for most users but I have users on mobile devices that have the same issue and honestly I feel like I shouldn’t have to tell my users to change their DNS servers just to access my website. Does anyone know a better solution to this that doesn’t involve me having to guide many people (some who aren’t very technologically literate) through changing their DNS servers?

My domain is www.PsychoCoding.net

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Whats your site?

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My apologies should’ve included that in the original post.

I’ve been dealing with this issue for probably around a month or two now, at least that’s when I was made aware of it.
After making this thread I’ve enabled DNSSEC. I’m not sure if that will change anything though.

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If anything, DNSSEC could make it more difficult to resolve your site, however many resolvers actually do not properly verify DNSSEC anyhow, so it shouldnt matter and would still make your DNS configuration secure.

Anyhow, your domain appears to be properly configured. DNSSEC is in place and the common records also point to Cloudflare. When did you last change your DNS records?

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I changed MX records about 5 days ago. A while after this issue has started.
My A and C name records haven’t been edited in 1-2 years.

If you have changed only your MX records, it shouldnt affect the resolution of the site itself. In that context we should be able to rule out a DNS propagation issue as well.

Generally your site seems to resolve fine on a global level → DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool

In the case of your users it would appear to be most likely a issue with their local resolver or possibly with their internal network setup. Unfortunately it is rather hard to say anything without concrete details and debugging information from their side.

I’ve spent about an hour with one of my user’s trying to diagnose the issue. When he tried to ping it there was a DNS error and it’s not just him.
It’s worth noting that his DNS servers beforehand were set by his ISP Cox Communications. What I don’t understand is how there’s been a handful of people having the same DNS issue but only with my site. Everything else works fine for them which leads me to believe I did something wrong. I’ve ran DNS resolution checks on many sites and everything looks good. I just don’t get it. After a lot of trial and error this video fixed it for him though and it seems to be fixing it for others as well.

It obviously will be a DNS error, but as I said that is something that would need proper analysis. Most likely their ISPs’ resolvers are broken or have some old values cached.

So there’s nothing I can do to fix this aside from suggesting people change their DNS servers?
That kinda sucks. It gets annoying having people messaging me saying the sites down or something like that cause their ISP can’t have a functioning DNS resolving system.

Not really, in general your domain resolves properly.

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