i checked on the corresponding tutorial and the user requests.

when I check Whois and DNS I think everything is setup properly.

Nonetheless, I am waiting already 36 hours. Usually, it didn’t take so long to setup my servers.

Anything I might have missed?

Thank you.


What’s the domain?



You have a DNS record for www.hoshitest.de but not hoshitest.de on it’s own - is that intentional?

no, not intentional.
I just accepted what Cloudflare setup.

I should change it?

Just add another record with the name @ and point the value at the IP given to you by your hosting provider, same as www

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Thank you so much.
If I use a VPN from Germany, it is already available.
I assume the rest might come in the next few minutes.
I marked your answer as the solution.


Works for me in the UK already now

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