DNS Points to prohibited IP

Hello. I purchased a domain for my wife’s business through Cloudflare. The website company, Zenfolio, requires 5 records to be entered into the DNS settings. After adding these records several days ago Zenfolio sent me an error message.

Error 1000
DNS Points to prohibited IP

It says to fix this that the owner of the domain should log into Cloudflare and change the DNS A records for this domain. That is already done correctly.

Asking here as I really need this website to be working and I can’t get an ounce of support from Cloudflare.

Also, before posting here I checked the resolution for this error and it does not seem to pertain to my issue. I only show A records with the correct (non Cloudflare) IP. In fact it only shows the 5 entries I added plus 3 TXT ones.

Are you able to share your domain so we can take a look?

sure thing
maryfiorephotography dot com

It is very likely you have an incorrect A record to one of these IP addresses:,,

If you find a record to any of these addresses, you need to delete that record.

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