DNS points to prohibited IP - again

which IP shall we keep as both IPs belonging to Cloudflare?
I’m expecting a smart system and support team to provide answers instead of the current support services.
I’ve moved from the paid plan to the free one as it is the same.

Please if anyone has an idea on how to find the correct IP address for the domain he is welcome to provide an answer

What are your records currently pointing to?

There’s 0 scenarios where a Cloudflare IP directly will be your target for a DNS record.

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Hello KianNH,
if you visited the link you will find a screenshot of two IPs , so I have two IPs and based on the provided information I have to keep only one, so how can i know what is the IP belongs to my domain which hosted at Cloudflare

You should never have Cloudflare IP addresses as the targets in your DNS records.

You put in the IP address (for A or AAAA records) or a domain name (for a CNAME record) and then Cloudflare puts their IP addresses in any lookups - which then proxies the traffic into the original record target that you just added.

The two addresses you get when you lookup your domain are not to be used as targets, that’s just how Cloudflare works as a proxy.

You can get the proper records you need to add from your hosting provider.

  1. As I’ve explained in the first msg the hosting provider is Cloudflare.
  2. the provided support requesting me to replace the ip as below :

What Cloudflare product are you using to host?

All products that Cloudflare provide to host content do not use IP addresses for setup:

  • Workers use routes defined in the Workers dashboard
  • Pages use CNAMEs setup in the Pages project
  • Images has its own URL
  • Stream has its own URL
  • KV & R2 are accessed over Workers or R2’s URL

So why i have been asked to replace the IP if they don’t have it to solve the issue i face?

Because Cloudflare IPs should never be there - they should point to your hosting provider. Those IPs can’t be used as a target and that’s why you get the “prohibited IP” warning.

If you’re not using Workers or Pages to host a website then you need to contact your hosting provider to get an IP address to point those records to.

Thank you for trying to help, i called the hosting provider on the phone (Cloudflare) and the automated answer is to send an email to [email protected]… the email is not working, and i don’t have the privilege of the support chat only I can ask for support via the community, for that i have submitted my request wishing some technical support from Cloudflare to answer.

i wish you a nice day @KianNH

The server ip is your origin server, it will not be a cf ip, but the ip of your hosting provider (respecting caveats mentioned by @KianNH), cf is not your hosting provider.

Truth is, you’re the one that is supposed to know the ip, if not your host can tell you.

Can you share a ticket number?

to make it simple :

  1. I paid Godaddy for a domain.
  2. I made an account on (Cloudflare).
  3. (Cloudflare) asked me to update the names of servers
  4. I’ve updated the NS1 & NS2 to connect the domain to the hosting company which is Cloudflare.
    who is the hosting provider in this case? , and how do you think i should know the IP?

I’m sorry, but are you one of the support team who has access to the support system? i don’t have a support ticket number, as i explained before the free account doesn’t have access to the support ticket only has the community to ask.

Are you using Cloudflare Workers or Cloudflare Pages? Otherwise Cloudflare is not your hosting provider.

Hi albert,

it is pages .

Hi @zstzs,

Page Rules are not the same as Cloudflare Pages. Who told you Cloudflare is the hosting provider?

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the logic @albert

I’m speechless to thank you @albert , it has been solved by you .

enjoy your day.

and thank you all of KianNH & normal_test_L0

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